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"We are made wise not by the recollection of our past,
but by the responsibility for our future"

George Bernard Shaw


One World, Plenty of Solutions


Trying to be "all things to all people" may work as a strategy or line of attack in some markets, but in the today's challenging global-economy environment there seems to be a lack of focus and direction. Focus is what Pro One Capital, together with its partners and associates, is all about. Pro One Capital aims to concentrate all its resources, efforts and expertise to provide more integrated solutions spanning the spectrum of debt restructuring, lending practices, project funding and risk management tools. More often than not, these solutions will be uniquely innovative rather than conventional. Our primary focused methodology leads to far greater results and more constructive relationships between ourselves and our future partners. Additionally, our approach enables us to bring to bear the resources of Pro One Capital to realize accomplishments that haven't been done before. So, rather than spreading our efforts and resources too thinly, we narrow our expertise and our activities. Pro One Capital not only focuses on the things we do best, but by being the best at everything we do.
Pro One Capital is a project development and capital investment corporation run by specialists and technicians with a high level of experience.
Pro One Capital makes use of sophisticated business concepts and solutions, high level international advisers and consultants to ensure that all phases of any potential business are conducted properly. Pro One Capital is supported by venture partners, private and corporate investors, several financial/investment institutions and experienced advisors. Pro One Capital can be considered the ideal strategic partner for the development of viable projects.
In association with other international firms, we have created and produced a perfect investment model and unconventional financial techniques through the integration of engineered Private Placements and Venture Partnerships. 
Pro One Capital operates within an R&D structure but is not a finance company. Therefore, it doesn't offer financial and/or investment services, nor does it extend credit enhancements or facilities to any third parties. However, the extensive use of financial services through its associates, affiliates or third parties is a very important part of the business of the company and most of the time is managed in partnerships with other investors. 


Focusing our resources, to focus on our investment's business!

Renewable Energy

Alternative Energy

For a clean and healthy tomorrow! 

Financing and development of investment projects in the area of alternative, renewable and sustainable energy systems with patented technologies.

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Enters a new era!

Financing and development of start-up project companies in the area of advanced technology, in cooperation with hi-ranked universities in Italy, Switzerland and USA.


Leisure & Real Estate

Build a safe environment!

Financing and development of prestigious serviced urban areas with high concentration of tourism, leisure facilities and greenery, with purchase or rental options from the clients.

Medical Research

Medical Research

Defeating the most aggressive diseases!

Financing and development of advanced healthcare systems and revolutionary medical treatment technologies for aggressive diseases, and rare pathological conditions.


Providing professional advice and expertize.

Capital Management

Efficient autofinancing systems and mechanisms for capital optimization and maximization.

Project Finance

Engineered multi-steps financial platforms to fund viable commercial and socio-economic projects.

Project Management

Targeted solutions and seasoned advisors to expedite and optimize all management needs.


Extended proprietary directory and access to restricted database to secure accurate information and intelligence.


Please feel free to contact us for any further information